Toshiba Booth Tour

I love the Qosmio line of Toshiba laptops and this collection of Gigabeats, phones, and cameras made me pee a little. Essentially the entire laptop line is very slick with unique touches like HDDVD playback and odd applications for music and photo viewing.

The Gigabeat line is hot as well. The MEV41 is a full-screen player while the tiny U103 with 1GB memory and voice recording. It comes in 5 colors and is about as small as two Shuffles stuck together.

To get an idea of what these guys are doing, take a look a the best of Apple UI design and add in some fast processors and HD. These UIs sit on top of Windows and all but hide it from view, creating some incredible interactive experiences.

The phones were a bit more disappointing. I’m glad to report that we’re fast catching up to the state-of-the-art and I wouldn’t trade the iPhone for any of the clamshells I spotted here. Go us.

WTF is Patlabor? Sounds like robots giving birth

1048 is Toshiba in numeric form – to = 10, shiba = 48.

The Gigabeat playing video

The black one on the left is a 32GB flash drive.

Qosmio kicking ass

Office 2007 Personal, now with more drum-playing ghosts

Tiny Gigabeat

Hey, Dog! Go fetch me some ugly, sub-par mobile phones from Toshiba.

Yeah, ummm… yeah. Looks like… umm… seriously. Who knows.

More crazy picture handling