Gears of War heads to PC on November 6: Not your father's port

Gears of War will be released for the PC, including Vista, on November 6. It turns out the game isn’t merely a port. In fact, the Gears guy with the highlights in his hair—CliffyB to message boarders—says the game was pretty heavily reworked for the PC. You know, a tremendously modified engine, support for mice, keyboards, 360 controllers, light sabers, etc. Basically, take your impression of Halo 2 for the PC and reverse it. A fine job by Epic, it looks like.

Exclusive to the PC will be five new single player levels, three new multiplayer maps (and one new mode called “King of the Hill”) and the all-important map editor. Remember when the biggest concern you had in the world was fragging your friends in the FPS of the Time? Man I want a time machine…

Right, so, sorry to break it to 360 Gears players, but all that brand new content may well remain exclusive to the PC for a while. All the engine work means it’d be a pain to port that stuff back to the 360. ::sad face::

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