Samsung 940UX USB-expandable monitor now available


That title looks weird, doesn’t it? I’m basically trying to say that the Samsung 940UX is now available and that it’s a 19-inch flat panel monitor that can hook up to five other 940UX monitors via USB. The first monitor hooks into a standard VGA or DVI port and then you can daisy chain the others into each one’s built-in USB connection. Were you to hook up six of these $379 displays, you’d have a total of 114 inches of desktop space and you wouldn’t have to buy a single extra video card because the cards are built into the monitors.

"Each 940UX features an onboard video card and embedded software driver allowing for easy and automatic installation on any Windows XP PC, eliminating inconveniences such as purchasing additional graphic cards and downloading separate drivers. The monitor is an ideal solution for users who need to add a second or third monitor to a laptop or PC, particularly PCs that lack space for an extra graphics card. Users can add up to six 940UX monitors on one PC, providing up to 114 inches of desktop space increasing productivity by giving users the ability to have multiple windows open across multiple displays."

Each monitor has a 1280×1024 resolution (so they’re 4:3, not widescreen) and 32MB of video memory. You won’t be doing any hardcore gaming with these but they’d be good for a handful of other multiple-monitor tasks. At $379, they’re not exactly cheap if you’re buying them one at a time but if you were to buy six of them, you’d save a chunk of change on extra video cards and a motherboard and tower that would be able to handle that kind of expansion.

Available now at a retailer near you and, according to Samsung’s press release, at (although I wasn’t able to find it listed on Samsung’s site yet).

Samsung Premieres 19-Inch Flat-Panel LCD Monitor with UbiSync Technology [Samsung Press Release]