The Next Internet Millionaire: Inspired Programming Or Lame Sales Front

internetmillionaire.jpgThere’s been a fair bit of talk over the last month in online marketing circles about e-book salesman Joel Comm’s latest venture: The Next Internet Millionaire.

For those not familiar with Comm, his business started from he is best known for selling expensive ebooks advising people how to make money from Adsense, and then later like a lot of people operating in this space, he sold ebooks showing people how to sell ebooks or in their speak: “internet marketing.”

The Next Internet Millionaire Program itself is a straight rip-off of pretty much any Mark Burnett produced show ever made, think Survivor or The Apprentice, and comes complete with a Survivor-esque introduction, an Apprentice style expert panel, and tasks that have to be completed by the contestants. Each week one contestant goes home, until there is one survivor…sorry Internet Millionaire.

I’m not entirely sure which way to side in relation to the program. On the one hand it’s slickly produced and some of the expert advice is worth watching, particularly if you’re in the ebook…sorry Internet Marketing business. Yet on the other hand you just know that the whole show is a front for Joel Comm Inc; a vehicle from which he can further expose himself to a broader audience and ultimately sell more ebooks and related products. If it works, good for him I guess, but ultimately you can be the judge. Episode Seven as follows: