Apple hates the CAPZ as much as you do

Early this morning, I was going through blogs and came across this post on the new Apple keyboards. It seems that Apple has engineered its new keyboard to detect keystrokes. The blogger brings up a point on how he was always hitting the Caps Lock key by accident when he went to hit the shift key. I myself have found myself doing the same thing. But how come when we hit the Caps Lock key, it doesn’t activate?

Enter Apple. If you have one of the new iMac/Apple keyboards, quickly jab your finger at the Caps Lock key and see if it activates. It doesn’t, right? Seems Apple has integrated “anti-jab” protection into this keyboard so that you don’t always go TyPiNG iN CaPS. Talk about a godsend for MMOs…

apple’s antiCAPSLOCK [Rentzsch]