Geek X-Wing rocket slips the surly bonds of earth, explodes into a million pieces

You spend all year building a huge X-Wing rocket. You even skip prom! You know that when you launch the thing Shayna from your WoW clan will be there. She’ll watch it with you, she’ll stand so close that you can smell her shampoo, and maybe you’ll all go out for pizza or something and maybe you and Shayna will be sitting in the same car, close together, and talking about how the rocket took off into the sky and landed and you’ll make Yoda jokes and she’ll ask to see your hand — ostensibly to see the workmanship of your bionic appendage but really just to hold your hand in the darkened car and you guys might kiss.

And then the bastard X-Wing shatters as it takes off and makes you look like an ass. Way to go, Mr. I-Didn’t-Do-The-Structural-Integrity-Assessment!