Halo: Movie is dead, Halo 4 coming

I’ve been playing Halo 3 all weekend and it got me thinking about the Halo movie that’s been talked about for well over a year. Most of you have seen the shorts (video above) that fueled part of the record-breaking sales the latest adventure from freshly divorced Bungie and I’m sure it made you think about the upcoming movie, but I’m sad to report that the film is dead. At least that’s what the director, Neill Blomkamp is saying.

The film is entirely dead. In the configuration it was in. Whatever happens with that movie, assuming that movie gets made, will be a totally different configuration. It’s not so much me as the entire vessel sank. Basically, it was a combination of; there were two studios involved that weren’t getting along in the process of making it, Universal and Fox.

Sucks, right? Well, we’ll take solace in knowing that Bungie has already begun production on the next Halo title.

Well we are already at work on another Halo game — I wouldn’t call it “Halo 4”, but it is based in the Halo Universe and represents a collaboration between Bungie and Peter Jackson. Halo 3 was definitely not the last Bungie Halo game.


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