AT&T to buy big chunk of 700MHz wireless spectrum

aloha Oh what $2.5 billion buys nowadays. AT&T will be purchasing 281 markets-worth of licenses in the 700MHz frequency band from Aloha, a company based out of Providence, Rhode Island and "the largest owner of 700MHz spectrum in the US."

Prior to the sale, Aloha had been considering setting up a mobile TV service in the Las Vegas market and high-speed data services around Phoenix. AT&T was mum about whether or not it’s still planning to bandy bids about in the upcoming spectrum auction and it’s not clear what it plans to do with its newly acquired airspace.

There aren’t any firm plans yet but it’ll likely be used for broadcast video or two-way voice, data, or on-demand services, according to a company spokesperson. The whole deal should be finalized in less than a year.

AT&T to buy spectrum from Aloha for $2.5 billion – Yahoo! News