Beatles on iTunes: Finally

Let me start this off by stating a fact that somehow manages to shock people. That fact is this: I do not like the Beatles. I don’t get what the attraction is. If you’re over 45, then you were there when they were making history by making music, I get that. But for kids my age who were barely watching TV when Lennon was shot, I don’t understand. Many people have built on what the Beatles outlined and made stuff much, much better. So really, I’m saying if you’re freaking out about them for any reason other than nostalgia, you’re an idiot.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s turn to all things Beatles and iTunes. Or, rather, the lack of the Beatles on iTunes. We’ve all been expecting a deal at some point or another, but nothing’s happened. But Paul’s on there, and John, and Ringo, and as of today, so is George (the only Beatle worth a damn). So there you have it, all four Beatles on iTunes. Sorta, kinda, in a fashion.

Whatever, I’m going to go download some Band of Horses.