I wanna rock (rock) your iPod

Usually, Target is pretty lax with returning shit. You come back three days later with a slightly used toaster oven, no receipt and they’ll give you a full refund. Not the case however, for one 14-year-old girl who received an iPod as a gift. Purchased at one of the retail giant’s stores, the girl went to open her iPod, only to discover the box was filled with rocks. Yes, rocks, making it the worst present you could possibly receive.

When the girl went to return the “iPod”, Target gave her hell and told her she could only get store credit back. With her local store out of iPods, they had to drive 20 miles to another location to pick up one. Then, in the actual store, they opened it again, only to find more rocks. Target still would not issue a refund, only store credit, so the girl and her mother had to find another gift.

Now I may be a little rusty on my knowledge of return policies, but I’m pretty sure Target is being a huge dick. Finding rocks in more than one iPod box? What the hell. How would you not let someone return that? That’s like finding a dead cat in your box of Apple Jacks and having your local grocery store tell you to shut up and go buy some Cheerios.

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