Intel opens software bookmarking site to the public


Once an internal bookmarking site shared amongst Intel employees, Cool Software is now open to the public. It’d be easy to take potshots at the lame name, the photo of five people in summer clothes leaping into the air atop a frozen lake, and that it’s basically the same stuff you could find in the software section of but the fact that it’s little more than an internal site looking to do a little crowdsourcing makes it an okay stop for software enthusiasts.

The Pligg-based site is pretty straightforward; submit a software company, product, or service and people vote on it. The stuff with the most votes gets on the front page. Sound familiar? Intel hopes that the site will help it "find the next Google, before it becomes Google." Not quite sure if it’ll turn up on Intel’s bookmarking site before all the other already-popular bookmarking sites but, hey, at least Intel didn’t sink a bunch of money into Cool Software and start throwing buzzwords around.

Cool Software [Intel] via Ars Technica