Microsoft Sidewinder gaming mouse quick look

Microsoft’s latest edition to the world of high performance gaming periphery is the customizable Sidewinder Gaming Mouse. The mouse boasts a resolution of 2000dpi, somewhat standard nowadays for high performance mice. Some other specifications include 7080 frames per second image processing, max acceleration of 20G and a max speed of 45 inches per second. But the most interesting feature of all is the ability to customize both the weight and the type of glide using up to 35g of weights and 2 sets of mouse feet respectively.

While I initially thought this was some tom-foolery to distinguish the product in an already overcrowded market, I no longer think this is the case. The weights do make a difference and the glide factor of the different pads is noticeable. The mouse has a solid feel and the metal buttons and track wheel feel great, even more so with added internal weights. Mouse performance is also spot-on – don’t think this will help my Unreal Tournament game though. Not a fan of the design, but that’s just me. There also seems to be some crazy thumb button (macro record) way out of reach that probably unleashes some sort of demon, so I didn’t press it.

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