3G iPhone hits the streets (kinda)

Many of you have switched from your old smartphone to the iPhone. While I can’t agree it was as good idea (yet), I can see why you’d want to: the iPhone is far more enjoyable to use than any Windows Mobile device to date. But if you still have the WinMo phone, and it’s of the Wi-Fi-having sort, and it’s 3G, then you can use it as a replacement for your iPhone’s piddly EDGE modem.

It’s a little tricky and involves hacking your Windows Mobile phone, but the gist of it is that by sharing the phone’s 3G connection over Wi-Fi with your iPhone (or iPod Touch), you basically bypass the clunky EDGE connection and have 3G speeds for browsing wherever. Your old phone needs to be nearby, of course. I have a similar hack going with a 3G phone and a Bluetooth PAN, which I just keep hidden in my laptop bag, but this seems like a more compatible solution.

Turn your iPod Touch into a 3G iPhone! [Pyrofer’s Projects]