Bluetooth-enabled VTech 5.8GHz cordless phone handles landline and mobile calls


Thanks to built-in Bluetooth support, the $150 VTech LS5145 cordless phone is able to basically act as a wireless headset for your mobile phone, in addition to being able to make and receive standard landline and/or VOIP calls. It works on the new 5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum and is expandable up to 12 total handsets. There’s also a 65K color display, built-in answering machine and speakerphone, and recordable ring tones.

Not too shabby if you’re in the market for a somewhat advanced landline phone that’ll let you answer your cell phone from across the room. Other than that, though, it could be overkill for most people.

vtech ls5145 wireless phone [Ubergizmo]