Dreamcade 2.0: 145 arcade hits, legally, for less than $2K

I can think of no better way to spend $1,900 than on this home arcade machine, Dreamcade 2.0. With “over” 145 built-in games from Asteroids to Street Fighter II CE, the “cocktail arcade” would be a fine way to go back to your childhood, when your biggest concern was finding a few quarters to dump into the Dig Dug machine. Yes, you could always put together your own MAME box, but not everyone has the time or patience for that. This is America. We throw money at our problems and hope they go away. We also demand our 2D titles be played on a 21-inch screen.

Dreamcade 2.0 is only available for pre-order right now and ships in two weeks. If you want that $1,900 price get your order in now, otherwise you’ll be paying $2,300.

Dreamcade 2.0 [Dream Arcades]