How-to: Automatic Coffee Maker

Every morning, I need at least a couple cups of hot, black coffee. Normally I’d insert some joke about how my tastes in coffee and my women are similar, but I’m waiting for it to cool off a bit. Did you know though, that you can turn any old bullshit coffee maker into an automatic brewing machine? Allow me to explain how:

Take your Mr. Coffee, Melitta, whatever machine the night before and fill it up with water. Throw your filter and coffee in there. Then, you have two options: wait until the next day and hit the ON button when you wake up or plug it into a lamp timer. I chose the latter. Now at 8am, I have instant coffee – provided I remembered to throw coffee, water and a filter in that damn machine the night before.

You can thank me later. I know this tip will become a valuable asset to your day-to-day lifestyle.