Why Windows users don't like Macs: They're ignorant!

I always try to be generous and kind when the mentally deficient come to my doorstep selling candy or trying to convince me Windows is great. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes III Esq., a ZDNet blogger, tries to inform us why Apple is better than Windows and/or vice versa and just ends up confusing us all.

In the end, however, he believes that people don’t switch to Macs because of the time it takes to copy files over, the free support they get (“Hey, Joe, why is my graphics driver busted on Windows XP?” “Well, Fred, it’s because you’re a moron”), the Linux community, and fear. Yeah, that’s right, fear.

Overall, his arguments are valid. However, I have to say that once you go Apple it’s hard to go back. Working in XP is like visiting a penal colony at this point, although Vista is a considerably nicer penal colony. Clearly this argument can only be settled by fisticuffs.

Why Windows users don’t switch to Mac [ZDNet]