Wii Fit due out Decemebr 1st

…in Japan of course. Meaning that the Japanese have no concept of exercise, because when it takes a goddamned video game to get you in shape, something is wrong. Wii Fit will be available for 8800 yen or ~$75 at Japanese retailers when December 1st rolls around and for that exorbitant price, you’ll scoop up a game disc and some weird-ass exercise pad. Seems a bit expensive to me.

But why even bother with the Wii? You want to get fit? You want to do it through video games? Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce World Class Track Meet. This 1988 NES classic uses the Nintendo Power Pad and trust me, if you even plan on getting anywhere past the second level, you’ll run.

Wii Fit coming Dec. 1 in Japan for 8,800 yen [Joystiq]