Celeb Cellphones that we wish existed, but sadly don't

I am, generally speaking, not the jealous type. I’m very much a to-each-his-all kind of person. But when a colleague comes up with an article that I’m jealous that I didn’t write, I feel I must at least share it.

Regular readers will recall that I often pepper Lohan or Hilton references in my regular posts. I do it to keep otherwise dry content moist, and because many celebs deserve to be made fun of.

The good people at Laptop have taken things a step further with a spoof on what certain cellphones would be like if they were designed after certain celebrities. I wouldn’t make a call on the Lohan without surgical gloves, and even then not in a moving vehicle. I hear the Sheen’s got a one-touch booty-call button, and the KFed doesn’t do much but costs a fortune.

See? I could have written it, I told you.

Beyond Beyonce: The Celebrity Phones We Want [Laptop]