RAZR 2 V8 on T-Mobile next week

I never, ever thought I’d say this. Er, type this. Whatever. Point is, Motorola’s about to launch a RAZR (yes, they’re still around) on T-Mobile that I actually kind of like. Ok, I like it. A lot.

The RAZR 2 V8 looks much like the other RAZR 2 phones out there, though it’s a bit smaller. Don’t be fooled, though: The phone’s running Moto’s new Linux OS, which is totally not at all like its clunky old phone OS that we hate so much. In addition, the phone’s packed with a fatty 2GB of internal storage, meaning it could be the first musicphone on the market that doesn’t suck out of the box.

And the best part is that BGR has it on good authority that the thin beasty will drop on October 15. That’s Monday, friend. If you’re on T-Mo and are thinking upgrade, you should take a look.

RAZR 2 V8 to T-Mobile a go for October 15th! [BGR]