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Myvu Universal Edition review

Paul G

The great white Giordi Laforge… look out for that bus; not to mention the fashion police are about to take you out.



Butterfly in the sky! I can go twice as high!

How-to: Automatic Coffee Maker


What kind of stupid thing is that? who cares about your lifestyle, dude? Learn how to write tech articles and save your useless ideas for your girlfriend. This is not techie at all!!! Crunchgear people: you paid this guy for that????


Paul Thompson

Hey Vince – I really loved your article here. Kinda silly, but it made me laugh. Keep up the good work!

MacBook Pro battery adapter crap out on you?


When this happened to me, the guy I spoke to (via phone) suggested I don’t charge my laptop when I’m not there. So when, pray tell, do I charge it?