When people pretending to represent Ashton Kutcher's photographers attack

We here at CrunchGear are no strangers to frivolous lawsuits (Peter Ha, for example, married then divorced two sisters in one family and that still hasn’t gotten sorted out. Crazy bigamy/incest laws!), but this one takes the cake. A gentleman named Richard Figueroa is apparently representing an image of Ashton Kutcher that used to show up on Google when you searched for the Punk’d star. It seems that selfsame image got lots of Google juice from TechCrunch and when you click on it it pops up under the TechCrunch banner. As we all know, Michael owns Google and has complete control over what goes on there so Richard assumed, not incorrectly, that Michael was a soft touch and would pay him $150,000,00 — that’s two zeroes at the end for savings — due to lost revenue. He even made a few phone calls and started commenting in the TC thread.

Figueroa intends to rock some “legal activation” on the TC network, so look for us all on CourtTV in a few weeks.

Being Stupid And Litigious Is No Way To Go Through Life [TechCrunch]