Halo 3 helped sell 450K Xbox 360s in September

Confirming what everyone in the world already knew, or assumed to know, a Wedbush Morgan analyst has said that Halo 3 was at least partially responsible for moving 450,000 Xbox 360s during the month of September. In dollars-and-cents, the game generated some $200 million for Microsoft. (All of these numbers are the analyst’s predictions; verifiable NPD numbers should be released within the week.)

So I guess the headline here would be, in true Matt Drudge style, “Shock: Microsoft mega-game sells millions; Gates said to be ‘pleased’.”

Also of note, maybe, is that we could see a PS2 price drop before the end of holiday shopping season. The new price? 99 wing-wangs. Who needs a backwards compatible PS3 when (if) the PS2 is so inexpensive?

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