Hands on with the B&O, Samsung Serenata

Here we have the lovechild of Samsung and Bang & Olufsen. It’s a quirky looking phone that most would think is upside down. We typically see scroll-wheels set at the bottom of the handset rather than the top. Sound quality on the Serenata is superb. It definitely improves on the Serene. The UI is all done from the scroll-wheel or on the touch screen, which is limited to firing up the music player or bringing up the three main apps that are used. Tapping the center of the screen brings up an old rotary phone icon with which you use the scroll-wheel to input numbers.

I’ll admit that it’s not the easiest thing to use, but when scrolling through the menu anything related to the music player is highlighted in red and anything to do with the phone is highlighted in blue. I can’t vouch for phone quality and I certainly don’t see myself finding it to be the most ergonomic device either. It’s just weird, but as a music phone it’s probably the best device I’ve ever heard. With 4GB of internal memory you’ll be bumping your tunes in style.