Rock Band only available as a bundle at launch

What’s up with Rock Band? We know, thanks to Peter “Surfing magazine is synonymous with surfing” Ha, that the game will “rock and roll” into our hearts on November 23 for $170. That price includes the game itself, guitar, drums and microphone. Don’t expect the game to be available sans-bundle, however, since the one bundle-only configuration helps keep costs down. As for the wired-only guitar for the Xbox 360 version of the game, Harmonix, the game’s developer, didn’t want to pony up for Microsoft’s licensing fees.

Other tidbits…

Bullet points from here on out. No need to gussy up straight facts

• Canadians, don’t expect to pay any less for the game just because the US dollar is worthless. French translation and other Canada-only costs have to be passed on to someone…

• On song selection—The game is more about creating the real “feel” of a band, not just choosing guitar-friendly “face melters” or whatever

• Downloadable content should first hit servers just about a week after the game’s launch

There’s some other stuff, including what the deal is with Metallica and what exactly will be the cost of downloadable tracks will be on Bits & Bytes & Pixels & Sprites. Longer name, guys, longer name.

I hope we can snag a copy. Vince “Eddie Van Halen” Veneziani on lead guitar, John “Baritone” Biggs on vocals, Peter “I love playing bass” Ha on bass, and Nicholas “bongos are almost like drums” Deleon on drums.

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