iPhone does not kill fawn pee pees, you

I put a call into Apple yesterday but I couldn’t get anyone but it looks like Macworld beat me to the punch anyway. Here is what Apple had to say about the Greenpeace video that circulated yesterday suggesting that the iPhone contained PVC and BFRs, two products that could make you lose your ween.

“Like all Apple products worldwide, iPhone complies with RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances], the world’s toughest restrictions on toxic substances in electronics,” an Apple spokesperson, told Macworld. “As we have said, Apple will voluntarily eliminate the use of PVC and BFRs by the end of 2008.”

This is kind of what we figured they’d say — them being fawn pee pee killers and all — although I’m positive that if you opened up any other cellphone, laptop, or PC on the market you’d find more fawn pee pee killing materials than you can shake a stick at. But this definitely got Greenpeace a good dose of publicity, right?

Apple says iPhone complies with eco standards [MacWorld]