Live Free, Die Hard and Pirate Well

In an unprecedented move by 20th Century Fox, the DVD version of “Live Free or Die Hard” will contain a copy of the movie as a digital file (AVI, MPG perhaps?) that can be played back on a computer or select PMPs. Sure to please Pirates, I know I’m excited to hear about this. Even if there is copy-protection, you can use screen capture software like Snapz Pro X if you want to record a DVD on your Mac. Compress, encode and upload, baby.

Says Mike Dunn, president of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment:

“This may be the killer app, where you have physical media that allows you to have a big-screen experience and at the same time move the file around to other devices and have a great experience there as well,”

Seeing as it’s a DVD, I’d say it’s not exactly a killer app, but more of a bitchin’ deal.

Die Hard DVD will include Computer File [I4U]