More info on upcoming DivX hardware players

gej has a pretty good one-on-one video with DivX co-founder Jerome Rota about his company’s upcoming foray into the connected video box realm, where it’ll compete with AppleTV and similar devices.

As reported earlier, the difference with the DivX box will be that most of the horsepower will be provided by your network-connected PC whereas AppleTV and, say, Xbox 360 are both basically small computers and have to do most of the heavy lifting themselves.

This means that the device will cost much less (early figures are around $100) and you’ll only need a 2-4Mbps connection for SD video (1-1.2Mbps bitrate) and 6-8Mbps for HD video (4Mbps bitrate). DivX will also be spinning off its Stage6 user-generated video site and will connect to it via the new devices.

Finally, the company is working with consumer electronics manufacturers to get DivX chips installed directly into televisions because, as Rota claims, you’d really only need a very small, efficient DivX chip and a network connection for the technology to work.

DivX’s Jerome Rota Reveals Home Content Streaming Technology [] via