Symbian S60 Touch interface: Durrrr

Durrr… Hi. I’m a phone manufacturer/mobile OS programmer. Durrr… urm…. durr. Hold on. I just had to make pasgetti. So I sawed a man in the Apel stor who had a cool fone called the apelphone. it had a big screen… ICE CREAM!… and it was touch swansitive. You could move your finger on the screen like you were pushing boogers off of the screen and he had a boogie in his nose!

So I made this operating sys called Touch and it is from the future! It has booger movies and takes pictures and its better cause you can use your fanger or your pencil or your peeper! HA!

You are so stupid, apelfone! You don’t have pencil controls! The sad thing is we’ll prolly sell a MILIONGAZILION of these and I’ll be so happy :):):):(:). I can go see Air Bud!

S60 Touch Interface Launched [AllAboutSymbian]