YouTube/Google will destroy your piracy

Be warned, people who videotape and then post 2 minute videos from the Hannah Montana show — Google is on to you. You may think your your mash-up of Sophie’s Choice and Chocolate Rain (see above) was fair use, but that stuff is somebody’s hard work and dedication and those people are human.

Google will now terminate the accounts of repeat infringers, ensuring they are banished to the Isle of Malta for the remainder of their time here on earth. They will also create a hash of every video uploaded and compare it with known material culled from Google Video’s large library of full-length pirated movies. Content owners can also press a button to cry “Foul” and have their 50 second video of meerkats dying taken off of YouTube immediately. This is war, sheeple, and we are the quarry.

Latest content ID tool for YouTube [GoogleBlog]