New, tiny MacBook Pros this Month? Probably not

There’s a rumor flying around the Interwebs that on Leopard Day, October 26th, Apple would be launching an ultraportable MacBook Pro. As the rumor goes, it’d be in the form factor of a MacBook, but have all the MacBook Pro professional-grade hardware.

We’re saying it’s total horsecrap. While the MacBook Pro (like the MacBook) line is due for an upgrade (especially the 17-incher), an introduction of a new, small member doesn’t make sense right now. It wasn’t by accident that Apple left out a 12-inch MBP when the line was launched; the mini Powerbook had been eating iBook sales and wasn’t as profitable.

So there you have it. If, by chance, this rumor turns out to be true, I will destroy my beloved Blackout action figure live on the Internet for you all to watch. I’m serious.