Re: Giant genitals on Motorola phones

Remember that nice, big dick on the clock on the screen of those Motorola phones? It’s now Moto’s Loch Ness Monster: despite evidence, it doesn’t exist. BGR, who brought us the story, got a quote from Moto saying it was just unfortunate shading, and if someone’s offended, they can just disable the analog-style clock.

It’s a bit of a mia culpa for sure, there was no real chance Moto would come out and say, “Yah, we put a big penis on our phones,” so it was kind of expected. However, what if Motorola had done that? What if it had said, “Yah, ya know what? Yes. It’s a phallus. It’s a male member. Sue us.”

If they had done that, I would have taken back every bad thing I’ve said about the RAZR series. Really.

Motorola responds to Penis-gate [BGR]