Sony introduces 80GB digital photo album

Maybe I’m alone on this one, but does anyone actually sit there with a group of people, connecting a device to an HDTV so everyone can view photos on a 42-inch screen? Do feel free to let me know if you do. For those of you who are into that sort of thing, Sony has announced a device that is sure to keep you from sleeping at night until its release.

The HDMS-S1D Digital Photo Album is a small little box from Sony that resembles a Drobo. It has a built-in 80GB hard drive for storing your photos and a variety of outputs such as HDMI, composite, component and S-Video so any TV you throw at it can display your pictures. You can load photos onto the device via a card reader, DVD/CD drive, USB or even Ethernet. There’s loads of software for playback and organization, so if you are a true photo aficionado, you’ll be pleased no doubt about it. Look for the HDMS-S1D later this month for $400.

After the jump, a picture of the back of the device.

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