Virtual Affection: The Hug Shirt

We get the weirdest crap in our tips inbox, most of it unpublishable (unless your filter allows through things like “Hard HORSUE sexx tranny”, as ours does). But then there’s things like this Hug Shirt. It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It has sensors as well as actuators. You have your Hug Shirt, your partner has their Hug Shirt. You hug yourself, and the sensors take the data from your hug and send it to your partner’s phone, where a Java application causes the actuators in their shirt to “hug” them.

It’s more of a fax-a-hug, but whatever. Do we need this technology? I’d rather have a cure for any one of Hilton’s maladies. And I do mean those ones.

The Hug Shirt [Cute Circuit]