Will we see a browser-based Joost in the near future?


Let me rephrase that title in the form of a statement instead of a question. We better see a browser-based Joost in the near future.

With the impending release of the H.264 codec into Flash Player 9 and its ability to do high quality, full screen video inside a web browser, downloading and installing an external program like Joost is going to become an inconvenient extra step.

Joost knows this and is working on a browser-based version that will be released "when we can deliver the quality that Joost is known for," according to Joost CEO Mike Volpi.

Whether a small P2P program will need to be downloaded to handle the actual transfers — versus a simple browser plugin — is unknown but here’s hoping that it’s a simple plugin so that getting Joost running on any computer you’re will be a quick and painless process, especially since other browser-based services are expected to come out soon.

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