Kid wakes from coma, realizes he missed iPhone launch


Geoff Evila recently awoke from a 4-month coma and realized that he’d missed camping out for the launch of the iPhone.

His buddy Steve dropped by the Chandler, Arizona Apple Store and relayed Geoff’s story of an almost-deadly car crash turned 4-month coma and convinced the store’s employees to do their best to recreate the excitement of June 29th, the iPhone’s original launch date when Geoff showed up to purchase his iPhone.

"Geoff was blown away, he limped through the store holding up his iPhone proud as can be while everyone cheered him on. I had the old Geoff back except now with a better phone, his last Verizon phone sucked," said Steve.

Pretty cool story if it’s true. Hell, even if it’s not. At any rate, Steve hasn’t had the heart to tell Geoff that the whole thing was a setup yet. No harm done, though.

Out Of A Coma, Into The Apple Store [iPhone Savior]