HTC Polaris is now the Touch Cruise: GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G

There’s a new HTC phone in town and yes it’s a Touch. HTC renamed the Polaris the Touch Cruise, a GPS-having WiMo6-based smartphone that’s due in November. That it includes 802.11b/g Wi-Fi is a welcome development (glad to see Wi-Fi becoming standard on smartphones… last year was rough in that department), though I wonder just how many people were clamoring for built-in FM radio. I’m shocked people still listen to FM radio in this day and age, what with iPods and Zunes and cheap knock-offs everywhere.

The 3G device’s 400 MHz processor should mean that WinMo6 runs more smoothly than the original Touch did. Hooray for incremental improvements.

HTC Polaris Re-Christened HTC Touch Cruise []