Windows Mobile: How I loathe thee [Update]

Yes, it’s no secret that I dislike Windows Mobile, but I have before me two WinMo devices from HTC; the Touch from Sprint and the Tilt from AT&T. I’m excited at the prospect of tinkering with both and yet I can’t help but wonder if I’ll accept WinMo with open arms and keep an objective view on the OS without my utter hatred clouding my judgement. Can the WinMo users in the audience offer any hints/tips/tricks in making this exploration all that it can be?

[Update 1]: I’ve had a few days to fondle both devices and so far the Touch is my favorite of the two. It’s easier to use, but lacks some of the features that obviously make the Tilt stand out. But the Tilt is a fat bastard. It’s heavy and it’s not as cool as the Touch’s interface. And it picks up the ladies. :)