Mac sales up, PCs are stupid and dumb

Hot ladies love the Apple!

Hey, stupid Windows users, look at us! Wheeee! We’re high on the hog! Livin’ off the fatta the land! We’re riding the peace train all the way to funky town because Apple sales are up 34 percent and many of those were sales to new Mac users. In your FACE Vista! WOOOOT! Although this won’t affect our lives in any way. It’s actually just an earnings call that companies usually do for shareholders, not customers.

Also, don’t act too fast. Henry “The Garanimal” Blodgett says that Apple is still behind in two of its markets — PCs and laptops. Don’t expect Apple’s share price to rise muchWOOWOO!OOWOW! APPLE YAY IPHONE YAY! BUY BUY BUY! Get two iPhones, one for your grandma — if she’s dead like mine get one for her sister! Buy three and bring one back, just to get to go into the Applesotre again! WOOOOO!!! APPLE ROCKS! 2#)_@# LONTSA BUILLION DOLLARS! WOOWOW! Let’s go camp out at the Apple store today for Leopard! WAOEWOEOOWOWO! I”M BNRINGING MY MACBOOK AND CIV IV! YOU BRING THE MOUNTAIND EW!

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