Celebrate Halloween on your Mobile Phone

jack-o-lantern.jpg Cellufun announced today its Hellofun celebration. During Hellofun, users can decorate their homepages, dress up their avatars in costumes and pass out virtual tricks and treats. By visiting other homepages, users collect virtual treats or tricks while watching their own homepage to give as good as they take. If someone is stingy in giving out treats, the word will get out to the rest of the community and that person will be given tricks instead of treats when going from homepage to homepage. And it isn’t easy to be generous. Treats have to be purchased with Cellupoints.

At midnight on October 31st, prizes will be awarded to the most generous players, and to those accumulating the most treats and tricks. Cellufun will also have two scavenger hunts. The first person to give a treat to every costume type and the first to go online at every decorative banner type will win a surprise. Trophies will be awarded for each scavenger winner and to the person giving out the most treats.

“With Hellofun, we wanted to allow our mobile community to celebrate the
holidays together and capture that sense of wonder you felt as a kid when
you got that special candy”, said Arthur Goikhman, Cellufun’s CEO. “So we
created a whole concept of visiting each other’s mobile profiles, standing
in line and trick-or-treating, creating suspense about what you’re actually
going to get. Costumes matter, too – a poorly matching costume might get a
rock, or a trick; a well conceived one, a chocolate.”