Introducing CrunchGear BFF

We here at CrunchGear were thinking. We do that infrequently, preferring to allow our reptilian forebrains to react quickly and forcefully to stimuli. But we ended up thinking and we wanted to offer a forum or message board but didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. After snapping at a passing fly, we decided to create BFF, a blog-like entity that lets you, the reader, post, react, comment, and break news all on your lonesome.

It’s called BFF.

Why would you do this? Because, from your comments, you all are clearly plugged in, excited about technology, and ready and willing to tell us off at a moment’s notice. Instead of being buried in comments, however, we’re letting you mouth off to the world. Our goal is to let you post rebuttals, responses, and flames. The stories will appear on the CG sidebar and when we find something amazing, we’ll promote it to the main blog. How will we know it’s amazing? You’ll vote for it. The highest voted post gets promoted and every month’s top story gets a special prize. What is that prize, you ask?

It’s a Samsung Blackjack II. You, my friend, will have one of the first to roll off the assembly line. Our friends at Samsung don’t know when that will be, but the winner will definitely be rewarded soon.

And there you have it. BFF. Best Friends Forever. That’s us, you and me and everybody. Sounds good? Good.