Americans say the darndest things: Government should control web video, no to brain implants

463 Communications and Zogby International ran a poll asking Americans what they thought of the Internet. The results, obviously, are not surprising. First, 24% found that the Internet could replace their sig. other, which is just fine. The Internet, for example, has already replace my aunts and uncles. It’s only a matter of time before it replaces Maw Maw and Pap Pap.

Some other tidbits include:

More than half of Americans believe that Internet content such as video should be controlled in some way by the government.

Americans may love the Internet, but most are not prepared to implant it into their brain, even if it was safe. Only 11% of respondents said they be willing to safely implant a device that enabled them to use their mind to access the Internet.

Most Americans don’t think the Internet has had an effect on their spirituality. Ten percent said it made them closer to God, while 6% percent said it made them more distant.

That’s right, friends. We believe in more government control, no brain implants, and refuse to accept an electronic God singing on the wires. I’m wondering if this fascinating data came to light because of the questions they asked in the poll or in spite of it.

BTW – Would you get a brain implant?

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