BarCamp Leeds in November


BarCamp Leeds hits the city 17 Nov. You’ll also find info on Facebook and Upcoming. Registration is now open and it’s free to attend.

Proposed Sessions so far:

• Intelligent human-computer interfaces and their possibilities
• Launching BT BizBox a small business CRM solution in 5 weeks
• SEO Site Clinic
• Why big companies are missing a trick by ignoring social media
• Ladybank Company of Distillers – building a real co-creation business
• Unleashing social media and technology for the good of local communities
• From Zero to Game in 30 Minutes
• From a Mobile Telephone to a Computer
• Paradigm shift in business document interactivity
• Drupal
• Conquering Time and Space – A survivors guide to distributed dev team management

You’ll also note that there is a session entitled “From start-up to £67m in 10 years”. This is not a joke – it’s being run by Lee Strafford, former CEO & Co-Founder at PlusNet, who is now planning to launch an incubator for startups. Worth checking out.