Leopard launch madness: Apple Store 5th Ave photo frenzy

Right at the entrance as the doors first opened at 6 p.m. It was me and some AP photographer there. CrunchGear is hardcore.

Hey gang. I just got back from the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue here in New York where I snapped a few photos of the launch. It was absolutely dreadful outside, with the rain and wind and cold nearly bringing me to tears. (I called John while covering the launch. He can corroborate my sadness.) I took around 100 photos, so here’s some of the best. I may throw them all on my Facebook tomorrow, so if you’re that excited to see them, I’ll update this post with the appropriate links.


These are the free t-shirt hander outers. I got one!

That about does it. Many thanks to the guys at Apple for giving me photography access.

Leopard [Apple]