Beta: Huh, OK


I’m going to withhold my haterage for a bit as I try the new Hulu beta, but so far it’s acceptable at best but not earth-shattering. Here’s what’s going on: NBC Universal and News Corp decided to offer their hot hot content online. What is that hot hot content? Mostly SNL clips, Family Guy episodes, and The Office. However, they do have the Breakfast Club, Heroes, and also a bunch of other stuff you probably don’t want to watch like Simon and Simon. Call it a media garage sale: dig a little and you’ll find a nice old mason jar next to dolls with no eyes and a peed-on tent from 1978.

The quality is fairly good and it’s all flash so you can apparently do stuff like this:

Which thereby allows me to share Arnold’s best with you. [Ooops… sorry. No dice. It won’t let me embed video.] The question is this: do we need a sharing site like this or do we need a central repository for all of this magical entertainment? Do we, in short, need a Netflix for downloadable content? Who the heck knows. Ooops. The first commercial just popped up on Conan. Just as the young warrior was learning about Krum’s steel! And I totally forgot that James Earl Jones was in Conan and he totally looks like Nigel Tufnel. I guess Hulu is good for something.

Beta Page [Sorry, no invites]