THX + Razer = Mako (Bombass speakers)


Mr. Biggs already informed you about the Mako speakers from Razer, but I gleaned a few more details over the weekend from some THX folks thanks to Don Julio. So, the Razer Mako 2.1 THX Certified Multimedia bi-amplified speaker system is hitting online retailers this December and brick & mortars in January. They may be labeled as a Razer product, but this is all THX’s work. It’s equipped with THX Ground Plane and THX Slot Speaker technologies and with its downward firing design allows the Mako to fill up an entire room with rich sounds and deep bass. I’m also digging the mushroom design and can’t wait to get this into the TC/CG office for review and bump some tunes. A few more details after the jump.


* Patented THX Ground Plane and THX Slot Speaker downward-firing mid-range drivers and tweeters design which creates a spacious soundstage that turns any desktop surface from an acoustic hindrance into an integral part of the soundstage.

* True, bi-amplified satellites with two channels of 50W with full digital DSP control.
* An overall system frequency range of 30-20,000 Hz and Axial Response Limits of +/- 2dB at 40-18,000 Hz (-6dB at 30 and 20,000Hz)

* 300W of total system power, with 6 channels @ 50W each.
* ClassHD™ Digital Amplifier technology with full DSP control that makes previous-generation Class AB and Class D amplifiers obsolete.

* ClassHD™ technology scales power in sync with the music, resulting in operation at a much higher efficiency curve, improved Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), improved EMI, reduced idle consumption, and lowered amplifier delay.

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