Best Buy grabs minority stake in 'Mydeo' video service


Best Buy is now in the video hosting game, thanks to UK-based Mydeo. Mydeo is basically a service that allows you to upload your videos to it and then share them with friends, loved-ones, and hangers-on.

The monthly fee for the service is based on the length of your videos, not the file size. Plans start at just under $7 per month or $63 per year for 100 minutes of video, which is limited by a maximum length per clip of 30 minutes and 5,000 total views per month.

If this service is supposed to be easy to use, the fact that files must be uploaded in WMV format is an odd choice. Even more bewildering is that the site suggests that you download SUPER Video Converter to convert your files to WMV format. Nothing against SUPER. I love SUPER, but it isn’t going to be easy to use for novice video enthusiasts.

Maybe I’m missing something here but it seems like those who are savvy enough to know how to upload their own videos would use something similar to YouTube and those who weren’t savvy would need something even EASIER than YouTube. This doesn’t look nearly as easy as YouTube, plus it costs money. I understand what they’re trying to do — it’s just pretty rough around the edges right now. via Reuters