LG BH200 combo HD DVD / Blu-ray player will be expensive

Currently, Circuit City is listing LG’s much-anticipated BH200 combination Blu-ray / HD DVD / DVD player for $799.99. That’s an expensive player with a price reminiscent of the first HD DVD and Blu-ray players to hit the market. Sure, it can do 1080p, DVD upscaling and play both formats, but with Toshiba’s A2 HD DVD player going for $198 at Wal-Mart and the PS3 going for $399 or less, the price just doesn’t match the BH200’s value.

Sure HDMI 1.3 is nice, but your PS3 does that just fine and it plays games from three generations of consoles to boot. The worst part about all this is that Circuit City is selling the LG BH200 greatly discounted compared to other online retailers; though it does appear that one site is selling it for a paltry $699. My advice? Pick a format and deal. If you simply can’t, save some cash and just buy two different players.

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