Logitech + Skype = Videocalls


Remember how on G.I. Joe, or M.A.S.K. or pretty much every rad cartoon how they had giant wall sized screens they’d use to make videocalls to each other? And how, even though they couldn’t find him, they always seemed to be able to dial-in Cobra Commander? They were using Skype .

Ok, probably not, as Skype was still at least 20 years away. But the promise of that technology has been around even longer, and now we might actually have it. Sure, video chatting via applications like Yahoo! Messenger has been around quite awhile. But Skype has partnered with Logitech to produce a new line of webcams specifically tailored for videocalls via Skype.

These cams feature Carl Zeiss auto-focus lenses, and, with Skype on both ends, afford full-screen, full-motion real-time video calling. You need a pretty powerful machine to crunch all that vid in real time, and Logi recommends something dual-core. That’s not that outrageous though, we’re just glad we can have this tech in our twelve-foot giant video screen in our underground lair soon.

Skype, Logitech Team For VGA Quality Video Calling [Twice]