Invisible tank: pie-in-the-sky BS or total and utter malarkey?

Artist’s rendition of your last acid trip.

Every few years someone pulls out the old “project the scene behind the object onto the object” trick to make something ostensibly invisible. Well, now the English Army will now win the war with invisible tanks designed to disappear using cameras and projectors. I’m going to call “bollocks” on this and wonder why/who the Daily Mail wrote this story up without first realizing we’re talking about a freaking tank here and no matter how big a projector you throw up I suspect you’ll be able to see the bastard from fifty miles away, camouflage or not. Let me know when we can cover tanks in resilient e-paper and then maybe I won’t puke a little when I read about “invisible” anything.

Army tests James Bond style tank that is ‘invisible’ [DailyMail]